golf clash guide


Golf Clash Guide

About Golf Clash:

Now we are here with an interesting real-time game “Golf Clash” and again it is a multiplayer game. But here just like other games instead of getting into battle and killing your fellow friends, this time you will be playing Golf with strong competence. You will get a chance to challenge your friends worldwide and compete with them.

By simply mastering your Golf skills, you would keep progressing through different levels, unlocking many tours and upgrading your clubs which leads you to be the “Golf Clash king”.

This game is supported in Facebook, IOS and Android.

Golf Clash Guide:

Progressing in Golf Clash is completely based on your skills. All that you have to do ishave a proper strategic planning and timing. Which are the most vital ones to keep in mind always, while you take up your challenge and play Golf.

  • Even the way you “hit the ball” count your success. Are you going to give a fast ball or spin your ball? It is completely based on dependency as well. But when you go for competing with high level players, such type of techniques or plans would help you win over them.
  • Also “changing balls” whenever required, choosing the right ball for your hit also counts your success.
  • Note that when you take a hit, you should always ensure that you give the “required power” for the hit. Proper aiming and giving up proper strike is all matters.
  • On other hand though your aiming is perfect, timing is perfect and you give the right power strike, even your opponent also give the same then the deciding factor is going to be the clubs you both have. In other words if both players are equally competent, the player who have properly upgraded their clubs would succeed here.
  • Buying chests, clubs and upgrading regularly will help you in the progression by earning and using gems. Also ensure that you chose the right club as this takes a major role in the play. If by any chance if you miss out on choosing the right club for you, it would end up in a fall.
  • Also in order to earn coins, you have to take part in achievements and tours sort of things. When you take part in achievements you would gain the basic required currency for the game and like the same whenever you chose a right tour and succeed in your gameplay. You would definitely get more rewards and coins. Which you can later use to upgrade your clubs.
  • Even though the first and foremost thing you would have in your mind would be early progression to higher levels, but at the same time you should ensure that you have earned the required or maximum coins and trophies to get to the next level. As this would help you in fair play.

To summarize all the above said “set your basics right”. When you initiate your play rather going for a blunt short always have a plan and use proper methods and techniques to proceed further. Earn coins, choose right tournaments, clubs and upgrading on time would help you succeed in the gameplay and master Golf Clash.